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 1. A teacher in Kansas said: "They hear someone's voice besides mine!".

(Sixty people are included in the scenes, each with different intonations.)

2. "I can always tell what unit the other classes are working on by the songs I hear floating down the hall." (Banning-Carson Night School for Adults in Los Angeles, CA.)

3. "For the first time in six months I saw evidence of motivation. My students were excited by the map concept. They asked if I knew all the fifty states and challenged me to write them on the board. They looked at the map when they came into the room although they'd had it available for months before. They reported discussions with persons not in the class -- people who did not know geography! They wanted to learn all the states in Mexico as well. The class came alive!" (American Language institute at the University of Southern California.)

4. "The section telling time is a math lesson suitable for those who cannot tell time." (Cucamonga Elementary, CA.)

5. "The video tapes are marvelous and the kids enjoy them very much." (Bright Light Center in Santa Ana)

6. An aphasic student at the Le Conte Junior High in Hollywood, CA, watching the program learned to speak the vocabulary. This was reported to TESOL convention in Miami by a district administrator. On the basis of the above experience the State of California Dept of Development Services (Special Education) purchased several sets for their Media Center.

7. Adult teachers who teach at several facilities want the program wherever they teach. One teacher in a district had the Teacher's Guide at her summer school site -- she decided that she wants it at every location at which she teaches.

8. "The program is very valuable in high schools where transiency is the situation." (Hollywood High, CA)

9. "The teachers simply love STAGE ONE. They appreciate the detailed plans in the Teacher's Guide. There are not many opportunities for learning how to teach ESL in Kansas as you have in California, so these detail plans are truly appreciated." (Garden City, Kansas).

10. "You can listen to people speaking English properly." (Salvador Landa, ESL volunteer, Catholic Social Services)

11. "This is language the way it comes at you!" (Modesto, CA} STAGE ONE approximates the types of language a child hears in the formative years -- single words ("child-talk") and sentences ("adult-talk").

12. "If Jane Fonda can use video to tone muscles, why not use it to tone the mind . . . . . . making the process educational and enjoyable?" ("English as a Video Language", Modern Maturity, June/July 1987) Peggy says, "It's interesting for the students, because they're not just learning words, they're learning content. It gives them confidence, which you have to have to learn a language."

13. Students at language school in Taegu,Korea, asked for dental floss instead of their favorite treat . . .Gummi Worms, after viewing the dental health segment.

The number of countries using Stage One continues to grow:

Korea    Thailand     China    Taiwan    Italy     Russia    Brazil     Columbia     Israel    Japan    Ecuador


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