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s1_vid.gif (116538 bytes) Stage One: The Natural Approach to Speaking English
12 half-hour lessons. 


Six Hours of unrepeated lessons.
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Each of the twelve lessons consist of seven segments.  Each segment is approximately five minutes long. 

Mimes introduce the theme topic and basic vocabulary aided by Voice-Over.

The Artist draws objects while the Voice-Over provides  vocabulary. 

The Skit involves conversation which gives the student an opportunity to comprehend words in context.

The Lesson provides content information.  Subjects such as science, health, and geography are taught.

Assuming many students are familiar with concepts, but need the English equivalents for numbers and fractions, the Math Lesson uses a variety of visual aids to review counting, adding, multiplying, percentage, time, etc.  Students are encouraged to respond orally.

The Field Trip destinations are as varied as a library,  a wildlife center, the Nation's Capitol, and a yard sale.

We end each lesson with Sing-Along, where each of twelve traditional American songs is presented in a different musical style.   Students are encouraged to sing along.


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